Laser toenail fungus removal is the process of using lasers to destroy fungus located on the toenails. It is a relatively new procedure that has recently been approved by the FDA. The process has recently received wide-spread media coverage because of the tremendous benefits that this procedure has over the current market standards.

The current treatment for toenail fungus consists primarily of taking a regular dose of anti-fungal pills. While these forms of medication have had moderate success they have been shunned by the medical community due to the fact that anti-fungal agents have caused severe liver damage in a large percentage of individuals prescribed these pills.

The main advantage that laser toenail fungus removal has over alternate forms of toenail fungus treatment is the ease and inexpensive nature of the treatment. The process itself is non-invasive and requires no form of anesthesia. The total time in which it takes the patient to undergo laser toenail fungus removal is around an hour. This procedure has zero down time and can be done between a lunch-break.

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